Transform Company With Strategic Traction


CPG uses Strategic Traction to help business owners and leaders improve the performance and maximize the profitability of their companies.

What is Strategic Traction?

Strategic Traction is a Management Operating System combining elements of the Strategic Framework and the Entrepreneurial Operating Systems® ("EOS").  EOS, as outlined in the book Traction by Gino Wickman incorporates proven management concepts and techniques advocated by Jim Collins, Patrick Lencioni, Stephen Covey and other leading management experts into an effective management structure.  Since Traction was published, EOS has been receiving national attention as a fast track way to supercharge the performance of a company. 

What is a Management Operating System?

A Management Operating System is a defined set of processes and language for effectively driving, managing and controlling a company.  Most large companies have Management Operating Systems in place, but many mid-sized and small companies “fly by the seat of the pants.”

What Does Strategic Traction Do?

In simple terms, Strategic Traction gets everyone in a company working together in the same direction.

Company before Strategic Traction:

Company after Strategic Traction:

Why Strategic Traction?

We believe a combination of Strategic Framework and EOS makes Strategic Tractionthe most effective Management Operating System available for companies with 10 to 350 employees.

What benefits will Strategic Traction produce for my company?

As trained Strategic Traction facilitators, we help leadership teams use Strategic Traction to systematically and permanently improve their companies by:

  • Accelerating growth and profitability
  • Creating a more effective and aligned leadership team
  • Ensuring the leadership team and employees are on the same page in terms of priorities, performance and accountabilities
  • Improving product/service quality and customer satisfaction
  • Providing better control over business operations
  • Minimizing disruptions caused by "crisis-du-jour"
  • Putting the fun back into running a company
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Our Clients
Selco Companies

Here are some testimonials from companies that have already experienced a Strategic Traction transformation.

Selco, Tulsa

EOS has really improved communication between our managers and our employees. For the first time we are successfully focusing on an agreed upon set of tasks and issues and we are getting results quickly. The system has also made us more responsive to changes in business or surprises that come up from time to time. The structure is something we really needed as a management team and it has paid off quickly.

By: Mark Abels, Owner
McDaniel Technical Services, Inc., Tulsa

As we added new employees and new management team members, we decided to adopt and implement EOS. Building on what we had already done with our Strategic Framework, the adoption of EOS has made us a better team, and the adoption of an Accountability Chart has clearly defined everyone's accountabilities. EOS has showed us how to implement a great management program that keeps our entire company focused on our goals.

By: Dustin McDaniel, Owner
Computerized Facility Integration, LLC

I had a well-run, profitable and growing business before we implemented the concepts in Traction. After implementation, we have supercharged the business. We now have clarity of responsibilities and problem-solving frameworks, and our growth has been explosive, even through the recession.

By: Bob Verdun, President