Over the past three decades, CPG has provided consulting services to companies across a wide variety of industries.

Our testimonials below, as well as our video testimonials throughout our web site, demonstrate our depth and breadth.

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D&L Oil Tools

We've been working with the Corporate Performance Group for about 8 years. They've helped us in a number of capacities. When we decided to expand our management team, we used Chris White and his team to recruit and then coach the new management team. We then began work on developing a Focus Framework for the entire organization to follow.

Several years ago, we also used CPG's experts to develop our Employee Handbook. Most recently, we acquired the assets and people of another local company, and CPG helped us through the entire process to make it as smooth as possible. We love working with them!

By: Lee Eslicker, CEO

Litgistix Business Solutions

We've been with Corporate Performance Group for about 18 months, and we've been real pleased with their consulting services as well as networking with other small business leaders through TAB (The Alternate Board). We enjoy exchanging ideas and sharing our challenges and problems. CPG's consultants function as an extention of our existing management team, and our fellow TAB members are like our own board of directors.

CPG first recommended we focus on our strategic direction -- what is our mission, vision, values. What are our strengths and long and short-term initiatives? As a team we developed our Strategic Framework, and it helped us to put it on paper. Now everyone in the company has some level of accountability. We highly recommend the process to any company. It forced us to take all the ideas in our head and analyze them so we could gain clarity in our vision.

By: Chris Sloan, CEO and Brian Grossman, CFO

Metal Panels Inc.

I like the idea that I meet with my peers in business every month and can share my concerns and ideas and receive meangingful feedback that I can take back to my company and act on.

My CPG consultant recommended that I examine my staff to determine that I not only have the right people "on the bus" but that those people are in the "right seats on that bus". Matching talent and experience to the appropriate role became a strategic focuis for me. Through a benchmarking process using Trimetrics, we were able to dteremine if people were the best fit for their jobs. As a result of learning what makes people tick, I now know how to be a better coach, and this results in better relationships, higher productivity and greater quality in everything we do for our customers.

By: Mitch Hentkowski, CEO

Don Lockhart Investments

My monthly meetings with TAB enabled me to talk about my business issues and problems with a bunch of my peers. When you are the president of a company, it gets lonely. Everyone who works for you has their own agenda, and its's difficult to surface issues for discussion without offending someone. Without TAB's meaningful feedback I may not have sold my two product lines.

CPG also helped us with hiring employees, using different personality tests to make sure the candidates fit into our organization's culture. Over the years, we've used CPG for organizational planning, management recruiting, acquisitions and divestitures, and strategic planning. I highly recommend them.

By: Don Lockhart, Former Owner/CEO of Mathey Dearman, Inc.

Mesa Products

We first got involved with Corporate Performance Group back in 1994 when we became a TAB member. Over the years, they have provided us with a variety of consulting services including the development of our initial strategic plan and introducing us to the Focus Framework. As a result of their efforts, that Framework became an integral part of our management process.

In addition, the Corporate Performance Group has assisted us in evaluating business opportunities and to better understand our primary competitors.

Over the years of working together, our revenues have increased 800%, and we won the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 2006 and again in 2012.

By: Terry May, CEO & Founder

Brainerd Chemical Company

We first joined TAB in 2003 and subsequently became a client of Corporate Performance Group shortly thereafter. They have become an integral part of our business and fulfill a variety of roles including Strategic Planning, Financing and Banking Relations, Evaluation of Acquisitions and Expansion Opportunities, Management Recruiting, and Management Devellopment and Coaching.

Since working with the Corporate Performance Group, we have acquired a plant in North Carolina, expanded our Tulsa campus, expanded into Oklahoma City and are currently evaluating Dallas and Houston marketplaces. Our revenues have increased 10 fold since working with CPG and our profit growth has been very impressive.

By: Mat Brainerd, CEO

Selco, Tulsa

EOS has really improved communication between our managers and our employees. For the first time we are successfully focusing on an agreed upon set of tasks and issues and we are getting results quickly. The system has also made us more responsive to changes in business or surprises that come up from time to time. The structure is something we really needed as a management team and it has paid off quickly.

By: Mark Abels, Owner

McDaniel Technical Services, Inc., Tulsa

As we added new employees and new management team members, we decided to adopt and implement EOS. Building on what we had already done with our Strategic Framework, the adoption of EOS has made us a better team, and the adoption of an Accountability Chart has clearly defined everyone's accountabilities. EOS has showed us how to implement a great management program that keeps our entire company focused on our goals.

By: Dustin McDaniel, Owner

Computerized Facility Integration, LLC

I had a well-run, profitable and growing business before we implemented the concepts in Traction. After implementation, we have supercharged the business. We now have clarity of responsibilities and problem-solving frameworks, and our growth has been explosive, even through the recession.

By: Bob Verdun, President