TAB Tulsa

“We've been very pleased with CPG's advisory services as well as networking with other small business leaders through The Alternate Board. We enjoy exchanging ideas and sharing our challenges and problems. CPG's consultants function as an extension of our existing management team, and our fellow TAB members are like our own board of directors.”

  — Chris Sloan, CEO and Brian Grossman, CFO, Litgistix Business Solutions


CPG operates The Alternative Board ("TAB") of Tulsa ("TAB Tulsa"). TAB is a private membership organization committed to the success of privately held business owners.

TAB is the premier business owner/CEO advisory board system in the US and internationally. Over 15,000 businesses have benefitted from TAB membership since TABs inception and its members achieve revenue growth of nearly twice the national average.

You can learn more about TAB Tulsa at www.TABTulsa.com.

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