Strategic Framework

"We first got involved with Corporate Performance Group back in 1994 when we became a TAB member. Over the years, they have provided us with a variety of consulting services including the development of our initial strategic plan and introducing us to the Strategic Framework. As a result of their efforts, that Framework became an integral part of our management process."

  — Terry May, Founder, CEO, Mesa Products

We are strong proponents of strategic management and we help companies use strategic management to achieve significant improvements in competitiveness and financial performance.

To support strategic management, we help companies develop a formalized Strategic Framework, a one-page representation of a company's strategic plan that links the company's Vision, Values and Purposes with its Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Action Plans:


The Framework provides an effective mechanism for driving the company's operational planning and resource allocation efforts and ensuring the company is strongly focused on achieving its strategic and tactical objectives.

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