More than 50% of private company sales or liquidations are driven by unplanned events - including incapacity, death or other life events. Studies have found that 75% or more of a business owner's net worth is in their business - but 85% of small and mid-sized business owners do not have a succession or ownership transition plan in place.

CPG uses ExitMap to help business owners plan, prepare for and successfully transition ownership of their business. Using ExitMap, CPG provides business advisory and M&A support to maximize company value and prepare companies for ownership transitions and teams with estate planning, wealth management and tax planning professionals to ensure successful ownership transitions.

The ExitMap Assessment©

The ExitMap Assessment© is the first step in developing a successful ownership transition plan. The simple Assessment uses carefully developed questions and a five-variable algorithm for each answer to establish a transition planning baseline and an estimate of overall preparedness and preparedness in four key areas:

  • Finance - The Finance preparedness score measures your understanding of the value of your business and the potential tax impact of transitioning ownership.
  • Planning - The Planning preparedness score measures the status of your ownership transition and post-transition planning efforts.
  • Revenue/Profit - The Revenue/Profit preparedness score measures factors that will determine how much equity you wil have in your business when you plan to exit.
  • Operations - The Operations preparedness score measures how well your company is prepared for you to transition ownership.

The ExitMap Analysis©

The ExitMap Analysis©, available from CPG, is a 40 page report detailing the importance, urgency and difficulty associated with each individual response you give in the Assessment. The Analysis will help you prioritize actions, both in relation to your planned transition time frame and to meet your personal and financial objectives.

The Analysis also includes directions on how to create simple tracking and benchmarking tools to measure your current exit readiness and your progress as you prepare to transition ownership of your business.


As a certified ExitMap Affiliate CPG embraces a team approach to ownership transition planning. Building on the ExitMap Assessment and Analysis, CPG helps a business owner coordinate their team of professionals through the ownership transition planning and execution process to ensure the business owner achieves their personal and financial objectives.

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