Executive   Briefings

CPG's experienced coaches and advisors are skilled presenters and are available to speak on critical business ownership, profit improvement and transition planning issues.

CPG has also developed a series of Business Owner Workshops addressing the five most critical challenges business owners face. CLICK HERE to learn more about CPG's Business Owner Workshops.

We have seen that many small and mid-sized companies grow successfully up to a point, but then they hit a ceiling and it becomes much harder to sustain growth and profits.

This briefing outlines the keys to reinvigorating a company's growth and profits when the company has hit the ceiling.

Many family owned companies grow successfully up to a point, but then they hit a ceiling and it becomes much harder to sustain growth and profits.

This briefing outlines eight keys to sustaining the growth and profitability of family owned companies.

EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System®), as outlined in Traction by Gino Wickman and touted by Microsoft, is an innovative management operating system used to fast track the development of high performance organizations and companies.

This briefing provides an introduction to EOS and outlines how EOS can supercharge companies from as few as 10 to as many as 500 employees.

Almost every company is struggling to generate profits in the face of increasing competition and escalating expenses.

Taken from our Business Owner Workshops Series, this briefing outlines five things business leaders can do to compete more effectively and improve profitability in today's challenging business environment.

John Warrilllow, the author of Built to Sell, has identified eight key factors that drive the value of most companies.

This briefing provides an overview of the eight factors and provides specific suggestions for maximizing the value of your company.

If two brains are better than one, then multiple insights are even better. Learn the pros and cons of all the different people and places where you can get your business advice. Collective wisdom can produce significant benefits for you personally and for your company.

Unfortunately, business owner burnout can have a devastating impact on business owners and their companies.

Building on our extensive experience in helping business owners successfully deal with business and personal challenges, this briefing outlines five keys to avoiding owner burnout.

In the US baby boomers own about 65% of the companies that have fewer than 500 employees – and many of these businesses will be sold as baby boomers hit retirement age. The bad news is that there won't be enough buyers for all the businesses that are going to be for sale.

This briefing outlines steps that baby boomer business owners should be taking now to ensure they will be able to find a buyer when they are ready to exit their business.

85% of small and mid-sized business owners do not have an ownership transition plan for their business – and 50% of private business exits are driven by unplanned events – including incapacity, death or other life events. With a viable ownership transition plan, business owners can achieve their personal and financial objectives and ensure the ongoing success of their company.

This briefing provides guidelines for developing a viable ownership transition and exit plan for your business.

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