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Chris White formed CPG in 1989. Prior to forming CPG, Chris was a partner in the consulting division of Arthur Young & Company. Building on his experience with Arthur Young & Company, Chris formed CPG to give mid-market companies access to the same caliber of business advisory and M&A services typically available only to large national and international companies.

The CPG Team combines strong backgrounds in strategic planning, financial management, profitability improvement, organizational development and leadership coaching. Building on the CPG Team's extensive experience, we help our clients use the most effective techniques and tools to optimize the performance and maximize the value of their companies.

For most business owners, their company is their largest asset and probably represents 75% or more of their personal wealth. Even if a business owner never plans to sell their company, they need to understand what drives the value of their company. CPG not only helps business owners understand the factors that drive company value – we also provide specialized support to maximize company value.

In 1994, CPG began operating The Alternative Board® of Tulsa ("TAB Tulsa"). TAB Tulsa is a business owner/CEO advisory board focused on maximizing the profitability of privately held and family owned companies.

In 2015, CPG became an affiliate of Kingsbridge Capital Partners, an innovative Kansas City based M&A advisory firm. Kingsbridge Capital provides a full range of investment banking and M&A advisory services.

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